About the Training Program

Workshops for healthcare professionals who work in oncology

The CALM Training Program for Clinicians has been developed with the generous support of TrueNTH.

What is CALM Therapy?

CALM is brief, semi-structured, individualized therapy designed to help patients and their families manage the challenges of living with advanced cancer, reduce distress and promote psychological well-being.

About the CALM Training Program

CALM focuses on 4 issues commonly faced by patients with advanced cancer:

  1. Symptom management and communication with health care providers;
  2. Changes in self and relations with close others;
  3. Spiritual well-being, or maintaining a sense of meaning and purpose; and
  4. Preparing for the future, sustaining hope and facing mortality.

Workshops are offered to healthcare professionals who work in oncology. Interested individuals are encouraged to apply.

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Depression is a common expression of emotional distress in patients with advanced cancer, but is often undetected and untreated by medical caregivers. We have shown that it arises in response to multiple factors related to the disease, the individual, and the social context. Based on this research we have designed a psychological treatment to address the issues that contribute to depression in advanced cancer patients.

This individual psychotherapy, called Managing Cancer and Living Meaningfully (CALM), has been tailored for patients with advanced disease. It consists of three to six individual sessions delivered over six months by specially trained therapists, with two booster sessions offered in the subsequent three months. CALM therapy was designed by psychiatrists Drs. Gary Rodin and Sarah Hales, and psychologist Dr. Christopher Lo of the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre in Toronto, Canada.

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